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  • Kids not communicating with or listening to you in a way you wish they wouldJacqueline T. D. Huynh - The Successful Family - small cover - Amazon Bestseller
  • Disagreement on how to achieve shared goals
  • Stressed out about not having enough time to juggle everything
  • Worried not having enough “quality” time
  • Parents and kids disagree on extracurricular activities
  • Family members not motivated to do their best on household chores
  • Anger or frustration constantly resulting in

You are certainly not alone.  Many families experience one or more of these sentiments as they go through raising children while juggling work, social and other familial commitments.  It is no wonder they say it takes a village to raise a family!  Just as a successful company does not exist solely based on the actions of its CEO – on the contrary, all employees and managers on all levels need to be on the same page with regard to company’s core values, vision, mission statement, etc. – the success of a family does not rest upon the shoulders of you and you alone.

So how do you get everyone in your family onboard to agree on moving in the same direction to help the family thrive and lively harmoniously?  You know what result you want, yet how do you get there?

Much coaching and training material exists to enable companies reach the next level, and we know highly successful companies have a number of things in common, such as having shared core values and vision among its stakeholders, enabling its employees to feel empowered and proud of their work output, communicating effectively and listening actively, just to name a few.

Learn how to translate and use these proven business strategies in developing your family into a happy, thriving one.  Your Amazing Itty Bitty Successful Leadership Book for Family and Parents provides, at your fingertips, 15 tips business leaders use that you can implement in your family so that soon everyone will feel like a productive, empowered individual that is loved, heard, and valued.

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