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Jacqueline T.D. Huynh 


Tune into something different that MAKES a difference!

This isn’t just any parent radio show. Throw the “same-old same-old” out the door. 

At Parent Pump Radio, instead of a ripple, we choose to create a splash!

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  • Want to learn how to fortify your kids?
  • Want the “real deal” on how to handle challenging relationships and situation?

GREAT!! You are in the right place. We’re here to help improve the life of your children and yourself.  Get educated and informed about the choices you have that will help you on your journey to be a powerful, connected and loving family.

We’ll discuss topics that cover ALL dimensions of a human being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Our goal is to bring information that touches your heart, lifts your spirit, exposes your strength and bridges the relationship between you and your children…FOREVER!!


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