The On-Line “Harmonious Family Blueprint:

The 8 Week Program That Will Forever

Change Your Family”


Successful companies like Google, Zappos and Apple set short- and long-term goals and have metrics that measure success that are agreed upon by key players including management and employees.

But, many families today are simply in survival mode; they are trying to catch their breath as they get through the hectic schedules of the day, of the week.

Many families don’t share dinner or communicate. This and the lack of planning lead to a constant state of flux and frustration as family members are at odds with each other.

Happy family, however, are at peace and have the ability to navigate conflict among themselves as they exercise emotional intelligence; they feel they are working toward shared goals as they discuss values and mission; children become independent adults.

The goal of the online “Harmonious Family Blueprint: The 8 Week Program That Will Forever Change Your Family” is that your family can benefit from using the strategies that successful companies already adopt from millions of dollars spent on business coaching and consulting. We hope that you will instill this blueprint and lead a more harmonious life with your loved ones.

This program is the second step after reading the book “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Book: Family Leadership.”   The 8 Week On-Line Family Program includes 8 PDF’s and 8 audio files which will guide you through setting up the foundation and fundamentals that your family needs to start operating in harmony and cohesiveness.  You will also get 2 Bonus transformational guide on Time/Stress Management and Family Engagement.

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