Speaker at Pinnacle

Interview on Kababayan TV Show 2

Matt Rosencraft“Not a dry eye in the house! Jacqueline moved us all as she spoke about her personal journey, her sister, and us. She was being featured on a ‘Success Panel.’ I have no doubt she will continue her success as a speaker.” — Matt Rosencraft, Owner of Inspired Flight Hypnosis

Dorine Kramer“You did a great job Jacqueline! You are a dynamic speaker–clear, well organized, and the shocking statistics you presented really inspired many of us to learn more about your approach so we can use it to make our families calmer and stronger.” — Dr. Dorine Kramer, M.D.

Jade Elizabeth“As a speaker Jacqueline knows exactly how to take the audience on a journey with her. She lifted me up to a point of understanding the dynamics of the family.” — Jade Elizabeth, Speaker, Teacher, and Coach

Pete Parker“Jacqueline did a great presentation on Family Dynamics and conflict resolution for the elite Pinnacle Partnership Group last weekend. I highly recommend her and her work.” — Pete Parker, Speaker, Author, and Business Mentor, American Dream University

Carlos Casados“Jacqueline did a really good job in her presentation in conveying the power of what she does and the reason why it’s so important that we all care enough to do something about it. I would recommend Jacqueline not only for her charismatic speaking skills but the heart that she has and puts into what she does. I was extremely moved by what she had to say.” — Carlos M. Casados, Conflict Resolution Specialist