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You can’t be an effective, positive and successful leader to your family or your business if you are not a successful leader of your own life. Take action now! Make a conscious choice by learning and applying leadership skills to help you and your family become more effective, positive and successful. It starts with YOU.

Born in Saigon, Vietnam and raised in Orange County, California, Jacqueline is the first born of five girls. Her family arrived to the United States in 1975 as refugees with less than $20 in their pocket, the clothes on their back, the hope of an American dream and their commitment to succeed.

She is an author, speaker and consultant on the topic of Family Leadership, Leadership Development and Emotional Intelligence. She is the author of Your Amazing Itty Bitty Book on Family Leadership. She is certified in Leadership Development, NLP and a unique program that integrates music and art to release pain, negative emotions and trauma. She is also a co-host for a new radio show/podcast called “Parent Pump Radio”. A show about parenting in the new millennium that will connect parents with their children in all dimensions…mind, body and spirit.

She brings over 15 years of corporate and business world experience and integrates her coaching with her knowledge and life skills. Her clients have included businesses in the manufacturing, aerospace, legal industry, and family & children services. She has been appointed as council member of the Prevention Community Council by the Redondo Beach Youth Commissioner and has spearhead community support and involvement in the passing of alcohol and drug related Proclamations and Ordinances. She works with parents who are business owners to develop skills to become successful leaders in order to:

She specializes in leadership development, organizational transformation and culture, dynamic communication, employee/family engagement, strategic thinking and time management.

She found her inspiration, passion and purpose as a leadership coach after the suicide of her sister and her decision to leave her marriage because she wanted to make a difference and to leave a legacy. As she developed the skills and talents of a great leader she stepped out of her fear, insecurities and self-doubt and became an instrumental role model for her children, clients and community.

She is dedicated to sharing, helping and inspiring everyone that anything is possible if you dream it, believe it and do it!