Youth Leadership Development


Your Motivated Teen Is Back!

How to support withdrawn teens dealing with emotional issues with becoming happy, motivated community leaders.

If you are a school administrator or parent who cares about your teen, you recognize that they are going through tough emotions that affecting their behavior.  If you want to support them in a way that causes your teen to feel happy, motivated and goal driven, then pay attention to this message because this is the solution you and your teen have been looking for.

Schools and Parents are successfully using this program to transform their teen into happy, driven young adults, especially if your teen…

  • Is challenged with communication difficulties or is incapable of effectivelyfinger family travels at the beach as conceptexpressing themselves.
  • Has a learning disabilities or difficulties adapting to the school environment.
  • Would like to develop a deeper sense of self-discovery and confidence.

Bad behavior, depression or a lack of motivation happens when a teen is dealing with underlying unresolved emotional issues.  Emotional issues and defiant behavior can come from many different places such as parents getting a divorce, bullying from classmates, or stress from having to deal with dramatic changes in their lives.

Once an emotional event happens the teen will continue to feel the emotion associated with the event, until they find a way to process the emotion. This means that they will be living in a constant state of pain, under the surface.  In school, around family, everywhere they go, they are feeling that pain.  Soon, all that matters is getting rid of the pain, which can cause many teens to lose interest in school and start to turn to drugs and other ways to mask how they are feeling inside.

Happy little girl

The reason this problem has not been solved is because teens typically do not have the emotional intelligence to talk about their emotions.  Even a mature teen will often feel too intimidated by an adult to openly share the pain they are feeling from emotional trauma.  Without the ability to talk to adults, these teens have been forced to figure it out on their own, until now…

Integrative Minds provides a non-invasive way for your teen to not only process their emotions but also emerge from the experience confident, connected and goal driven.

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