Alan Dolch

Alan Dolch

Trusted Benefits Advisors | Founder & CEO


“I started working with Jacque when I was determined to build a new business, Trusted Benefits Advisors. I can’t imagine going through the growth and organization and pressure we all tend to put ourselves under. I tend to migrate to risk so I was a little out of the ordinary for Jacque. Most people are reluctant to take risks and she has to help analyze their choices and then if they make sense encourage them to move forward. For me she had to pull back the reigns. I spit the bit a couple of times but she was awesome at keeping me in control and forcing me to slow down and take baby steps. That is against my general principals but as i ride my financial rollercoaster over the years i have learned to listen to the experts that are smarter than me – that is what I was investing in Jacque for. I hope to work with her for a long time.

My son Brett Dolch was going thru some career and location changes. Very frustrating and not moving very fast. I referred him to Jacque. They worked together via Skype and phone calls, Brett has since relocated, got a good job and is living a better life style than he did before she coached him. If I would trust Jacque with my future and my sons – I would highly recommend Jacque to anyone – she cares.”


Karl HoaglundKarl Hoaglund

Microsoft Access Guru | Software developer | Database specialist | Owner, Nexus Consulting Group, Inc.


“Working with Jacque for the past years has lead profound changes in my life and has been a real joy. I went to her regarding some dissatisfaction in my professional and personal life and thought I knew what the answers would be. She caused me to look at things in very new ways. As a result, I have struck out in some exciting new directions, which have brought me increased joy and feeling of success.”


Deb DutilhDeb Dutilh, CPC, ELI-MP

Professional Trainer and Program Development Specialist | Certified Professional Communication Coach


“Jacque’s amazing perception and intuition allows her to really get to the heart of the matter quickly and see the question from different angles. When challenged with an important decision to make, she confidently guided me to my own solution that I felt completely comfortable with. Jacque blends skill, compassion, professionalism and real-life experience to create a safe space for her clients to turn any situation into an opportunity. Jacque is a great coach for transitions, family dynamics and finding balance in your life.”


LYnette Kaawa

Lynette Lia Kaawa

Healthy Living | Liquid Vitamins | Health and Wellness


“Jacqueline has always shown how much integrity and care she gives to her clients and what they need when working with her. Coaching you threw your business or personnel coaching she always does things in a way that makes you realize how much you need to learn about yourself as a person. Jacqueline takes her time in getting to know you and your needs. She has told me several times that if she can’t do it, then she will definitely find you some who can. She will never leave you hanging or lost.I recommend Jacqueline for Coaching,she truly is someone you can count on.”


Brett DolchBrett Dolch

Sales Professional


“Working with Jacque has been a great experience for me. I had been working in a job that I was not excited about and looking for a career change. I felt like I was somewhat lost and not able to find the things to make me happy. I began to work with Jacque on things to better my career, personal life and financial gain. At the time I felt that my biggest fear was being able to take risks, as I felt they were things that would make my life more difficult at first. Through working with Jacque on many exercises that benefited both my professional life and my personal life I was able to realize that what I thought of as risks were really the things I needed to do to feel successful and happy in life. Jacque was able to help me focus on the things in life that make me happy and build the drive and motivation in me again to start building a great future. Thank you for all your help Jacque.”


Jenna KimJenna Kim

Assistant Manager of My Fit Food


“Thank you for being such an incredible resource to me during this learning and foundational growing period of my life. As my first salary-position job out of college. I had many questions that I would struggle with and interesting to say the least experiences to overcome. But you and your leadership class gave me the hope and the information to assure me that I was at least headed in the right direction. The lessons learned, I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I still find myself referring back to it as I am sure I will need to again later down the line.”


Claudia GironClaudia Giron, M.S.W.

Social Worker Children and Families | Medical Social Worker | Family Mediation | Divorce Mediation in Training


“It has been such a pleasure to work with Jacque. If you are looking for someone who can wisely guide you effectively to find results in a short period of time Jacque is the right person. I was so impressed, with just a few questions Jacque guided me in such a quick and rewarding way to find the answers that were right for me.”


Patricia HoytPatricia Hoyt

Fair & Show Coordinator at Vector Marketing


“I started working with Jacque because I was completely stuck and lost in my professional life. I was also going thru a major change in my personal life and desperately needed guidance. She has facilitated me to identify the stories I’ve been telling myself that have made me stuck. Jacque has helped me a lot with my professional life by figuring out what I want to do, outlining realistic strategies on how to get me there, and how to achieve my goals overall. She has brought me clarity and understanding of my personal life; I’ve been growing a lot personally because of her! I totally recommend Jacque to coach anybody; she comes with a very open mind, no judgment at all. She is very sympathetic with what I’m going through and very easy to talk to!”


Yuliya LaRoeYuliya LaRoe

CEO | Business & Leadership Coach for Women Attorneys


“I really enjoyed my coaching experience with Jacque. What I loved about it the most is her ability to see right through to the core of my issues. Each week we would start the session with a problem and end with a solution. That felt amazing! I certainly recommend Jacque as a coach to anyone who is ready to move forward!”


Irene Freitas

Irene Freitas

Feng Shui Specialist | Quit Smoking Specialist | Personal Development Coach & Hypnotherapist | Reiki Master Teacher


“Jacque is a compassionate person, is the reason why she is so good at what she does. Her life experiences and attention to detail allows her to understand and help you get out of your stuff and allows you to trust her. She offers excellent workshops that are life-changing. I highly recommend Jacque to anyone who is seeking a life coach.”


Wendy NguyenWendy Nguyen

Improving health

“Jacqueline Huynh’s class on Time Management is helpful. She is creative on how to teach the subject matter and is informative on the subject. She has helped me maximize my time and manage my schedule.”